Pentecost Hospital in Madina has announced the completion of its newly renovated Medical Surgical Unit, marking a significant milestone in its efforts to enhance patient experience and improve healthcare services. The renovation aimed to modernize and expand the existing infrastructure to meet the growing medical and surgical services demand. To ensure uninterrupted patient care during the renovation, the Maternity Unit was temporarily relocated to a designated area within the hospital.

The revamped Medical Surgical Unit at Pentecost Hospital now offers a range of modern facilities and amenities to promote patient comfort and well-being. These include a spacious store room for efficient management of medical supplies, and an up-to-par sluice for proper sanitation and infection control, a dedicated nurses’ changing room with rest and washroom facilities as the hospital prioritizes the well-being of its staff, recognizing that it directly impacts the quality of care provided. 

To address the importance of privacy in the healing process, Pentecost Hospital has dedicated areas within the renovated unit for private care options. Private wards offer personalized attention and a calm environment for patients who prefer exclusive accommodations. The unit also features separate male and female wards, with specific amenities and facilities tailored to each gender, creating a supportive environment that encourages recovery.

The unveiling of the renovated Medical Surgical Unit reflects Pentecost Hospital’s commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services. The modern facilities and patient-centric design aim to elevate the level of care offered, ensuring a comfortable healing experience. The hospital’s investment in renovation showcases its dedication to medical innovation and continuous improvement of care for the community it serves. Pentecost Hospital remains focused on its mission of providing compassionate, high-quality care, and the renovated unit is a testament to this commitment.

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