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ms. kate otoo - senior registered midwife

Ms. Kate Otoo, a Senior Registered Midwifery Officer at the Antenatal Clinic of Pentecost Hospital, Madina, has achieved a remarkable feat by being recognized as the Best Midwife/Nurse in the Greater Accra Region by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA). Her journey to this prestigious title is a testament to her unwavering dedication and innovative spirit.

With over thirteen years of experience in midwifery, Ms. Otoo’s commitment to her profession shone through when her In-charge encouraged her to participate in the local and District GRNMA Best Nurse/Midwife Awards. Her decision to apply for the interview proved to be a wise one, as she emerged victorious.

Subsequently, Ms. Otoo had the honor of representing Pentecost Hospital at the Regional level GRNMA Best Nurse/Midwife Awards. The competition was intense, with representatives from other healthcare facilities also vying for the title. Each participant was required to present their unique innovations, and Ms. Otoo showcased her groundbreaking creation – the Birth Before Birth Arrival Kit (BBA Box).

The BBA Box is an innovative emergency kit designed to address the critical issue of Birth Before Arrival significantly. This life-saving kit not only ensures prompt attention to complications during childbirth but also enhances the emergency preparedness of midwives.

The BBA Box contains sterile delivery equipment, including two (2) artery forceps, one cord of scissors, one (1) kidney dish, one (1) gallipot, cotton wool swabs, gauze, syringes, a Penguin for suctioning, a sterile green towel, sterile gloves in sizes 7, 7½, and 8, gynecological gloves, a Mackintosh apron, and a cord clamp. These essential items empower midwives to respond swiftly and effectively to emergencies, potentially saving the lives of both mothers and babies.

What sets Ms. Otoo’s BBA Box apart is its uniqueness as the first of its kind. This innovative solution will undoubtedly contribute significantly to reducing delays in emergency situations and improving outcomes for mothers and babies. The plan to place the BBA Box in labor wards and triages further demonstrates Ms. Otoo’s commitment to ensuring swift and efficient assistance during critical moments.

Ms. Otoo’s innovative contribution was met with deep appreciation and admiration by the judges, leading to her well-deserved recognition as the Best Nurse/Midwife in the Greater Accra Region. Her achievement is not only a source of pride for Pentecost Hospital, Madina but also for the entire Greater Accra Region.

Miss Otoo’s hope is that this achievement will inspire her colleagues to explore innovative ideas that can enhance Pentecost Hospital, Madina’s ability to meet the healthcare needs and demands of its clients.

Ms. Kate Otoo is a registered Midwife with a Diploma from St. Patrick’s Midwife Training School, complemented by a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. Her educational background and extensive practical experience have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in her ability to develop and implement the life-saving BBA Box, making her a true asset to Pentecost Hospital, Madina, and the healthcare community in the Greater Accra Region.

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